Chloritol Hospital Concentrate [Cetrimide 15%w/v] [Chlorhexidine digluconate 1.5% w/v]

- A clear deep orange-yellow liquid with pine fresh odour.
- Ideal as a general purpose antiseptic cleanser.


- Has good antimicrobial effect against bacteria and fungi.
- Ideal for disinfection of skin, equipment and surfaces
- Use 10 ml made upto 1 litre with water for 30min immersing of instruments.
- 40ml made up to 1L with water for treatment of wounds and burns.
- Chloritol is incompatible with anionics, soaps and chlorine bleaches.
- Hypochlorite bleaches may cause permanent brown stains to develop in fabrics that have previously been in contact with Chloritol. Oxidizing bleach such as sodium perborate should be used in laundering instead.

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