Duo-bleach Regular [Sodium Hypochlorite 3.5%]

- A clear light yellow-green liquid with chlorine-like odour.


- Effective against many bacteria and some viruses, often a disinfectant of choice for cleaning surfaces in hospitals.
- Solution is corrosive to metals and needs to be rinsed thoroughly or followed by an ethanol disinfectant.
- Can be used for disinfection of drinking water at a conc. of 1L of 3.5% bleach per 4000L of water.
- Used in laundry for removal of stains especially on cotton fibre.
- Used in endodontics during root canal treatment at a conc. of 0.5-5% due to its potency against pathogenic organisms and pulp digestion.
- Used in treatment of waste water especially dilute cyanide waste water.

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