- A Liquid Sterilant for the food industry based on Peracetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide.
- Oxyclean is a stable and unique quick acting non foaming sterilizing agent used in the food industry e.g. Breweries, Milk Processing,, Bakeries, Soft Drinks Processing plants, Fish Processing, Canning of Fruits and Vegetables, Candies etc. Oxyclean is effective and quick acting against all types of micro-organisms even in cold water applications. The two ingredients work in synergy the former providing quick sterilization while the hydrogen peroxide makes Oxyclean suitable for flushing, soaking or immersion of food processing equipment.


- Use Oxyclean at concentrations of 0.2-1.0% [i.e. 200ml-1L of Oxyclean in 100L of disinfecting solution] at temperatures ranging from 5°C-60°C. Allow contact time within 15 minutes -1 hour. A higher temperature improves sterilization and shortens treatment time. This solution can effectively be stored and re-used so long as there is no substantial carry-over of soiling matter otherwise it is recommended that a fresh solution be made for each application.

Pack Size:

20 ltrs